How you cook or store your food can affect the nutrient content…

11 05 2010

The longer food is exposed to light, air, temperature, or water the more nutrients are lost.  Consuming raw foods will allow maximum nutrient content.

1. Store fresh vegetables at coldest temperature without freezing
2. Allow fresh fruit to ripen at room temperature then refrigerate
3. Buy in smaller quantities to use quickly

Some cooking methods are better than others.

1. Frozen foods are a better choice than canned
2. Steaming and microwaving are better methods than boiling or deep fat frying because vitamins and minerals can be lost in the cooking liquid
3. Leaving skin on during cooking of fruits and vegetables when possible will decrease nutrient losses
4. When cooking, avoid cutting food into very small pieces.  Larger pieces lose less nutrients

Grilling at high temperatures can produce compounds that show increased risk for DNA mutation and some cancers.

Decrease formation of compounds by:
1. Choosing leaner meats
2. Marinating meats
3. Lowering grilling temperature
4. Preventing flare ups (open flames)

© Randy Bird, MS, RD, CSSD, CSCS and Randy Bird Sports Nutrition, 2010.