Supplements to Avoid

16 03 2011

Geranium Oil is making a lot of news lately.  It is an ingredient in quite of few Pre-Workout supplements.  The most notable is Jack3d.  This ingredient has been tied to many failed drug tests.  Some unethical companies have used this ingredient to try to mask methylhexanamine in their product.  Methylhexanamine (MHA) is a stimulant that was originally created as a nasal decongestant.  This ingredient has been added to the WADA Banned Substance list and would fall under the stimulant category of the NCAA banned substance list.  The most recent and notable case was the failed drug test of Kolo Toure, a defender for Manchester City.

Bottom Line:  Avoid products that list any of the following ingredients:
Geranium Oil
Methylhexanamine or MHA
Dimethylamylamine or DMAA

© Randy Bird, MS, RD, CSSD, CSCS, 2011.





One response

6 04 2011

It shows up on the Jack3d label as “1,3-Dimethylamylamine”. It is also included as an appetite suppressant in supplements such as Rezolution Black.

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