Lack of sleep can lead to fat gain…

13 04 2010

Lack of sleep can lead to fat gain…

Sleep affects both behavioral and metabolic characteristics.

Sleep loss affects the body’s levels of cortisol, insulin, and growth hormone.

Cortisol increases with a lack of sleep.

In response to this increase, insulin also increases, leading to fat storage.

Growth hormone decreases, resulting in fat storage & muscle loss.

Some research has shown that when tired, people crave more sweet high-carbohydrate foods.

Combine this with increased cortisol & insulin, and you are set for fat storage.

Lack of sleep affects exercise intensity.

You tend to compensate by reducing your intensity during  workouts.

You also lower the intensity of your normal daily activities.

This combination results in fewer calories burned daily.

Bottom Line:

Get at least 7 consecutive hours of sleep.

© Randy Bird, MS, RD, CSSD, CSCS and Randy Bird Sports Nutrition, 2010.




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